Avet HXW 5/2 RAPTOR Two-Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel Silver Review

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Avet HXW 5/2 RAPTOR Two-Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel Silver Reviews

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2 years ago

Tough Reel great for most offshore applications. Love it

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2 years ago

This reel is a beast. I bought it for grouper fishing off the Skyway Pier in Florida. I may only use it 2 or 3 times a year but I try to use top notch gear on my Florida vacations. I've got it spooled with 80lb braid and a 80lb mono topshot. It's mounted on a St. Croix Mojo Salt 7'6" rod rated for 80lb line. The combo is pretty light weight and I'm pretty sure I could use it read more for smaller sharks if I wanted too. Great reel and worth the price.

Made in USA

2 years ago

I have a ton of reels from all different brands old and new. The quality of avet reels for the price they are and the sweetener there made in the good ol US of A. Got the hxw 5/2 Raptor not need for a 30 when it's putting out this kind of drag.

Avet HX 5/2 MC Raptor - BEAST!!!

2 years ago

Just ordered a second one - easily handled everything from big Snapper down deep, trolling for Kingfish and Wahoo in the Gulf to live baiting BFT and Yellowtail on the West Coast.

Cannot be beat for value and durability.

Beast of a reel

2 years ago

Beast of a reel, I’ve used it on a wahoo setup for long range trips and also a smaller land based shark reel.

Fantastic reel

2 years ago

Love this reel for trolling diving plugs


Art m.
2 years ago

Awesome reel , smooth drag, highly recommend.

HXW Raptor

2 years ago

I really have enjoyed using this reel because it has impressive cranking power in low gear and good speed in high gear. The reel has a lot of power for the size.

Piece of art

2 years ago

This is a very beautiful and bad ass reel! I took it out bottom fishing couple times and they feel so good. Very smooth and has an unbelivable amount of drag.

Great Reel

2 years ago

Just got this HX and love it. Tons of drag, landed 2 80lb bluefin on it loaded with 100lb jerry brown to 80lb fluoro. My only critique is it is a little tough casting live bait. Might be the line but heavy jigs cast ok and baits dont fly well. Also i will upgrade to an aftermarket T handle for the hard fighting bigger fish. Averall 4 stars.

Absolute beast

2 years ago

A fantastic peace of machinery. Just a beast for large game.

Avet HX power

2 years ago

This review will simply sound like all the other positive reviews so going to save you the trouble. If you want a Damn good reel for trolling, reef fishing buy the HX . had almost bought the hxj for the narrow spool for jigging glad I didn’t IMO the HX works just fine

Born in the U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Considering how perfect this reel is, and Tackle Directs proximity to where Bruce Springsteen was born, and the reel being made in the U.S.A. I couldn't resist the chance to throw Born in the U.S.A. as the headline. These reels are absolute beasts. Period. Spend your hard earned money on something like an Avet if you are looking for a superb quality product! I had the opportunity read more of finally seeing the Dorado pattern at a swap meet my uncle drug me to in ny state. Thing blows away expectations as far as functionality and especially looks.

Avet HXW 5/2 RAPTOR Two-Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel Silver Questions and Answers

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Asked by Chris 2 years ago

I ordered a couple of the Avet HXW Raptor reels <p>and there were no manuals in the boxes. Is there </p><p>any way you can send me 2 please Thanks in advance </p>

Bernie - TackleDirect Customer Service 2 years ago

Hello Chris, <p><br /></p><p>Avet no longer includes manuals for their reels. Instead they list their manuals to their reels on their website. It can be found in this link: </p><p>https://www.avetreels.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/sx_to_hx.pdf <br /></p

Asked by MARK ROMERO 4 years ago

Can you order an HXW MC Raptor in a left hand, understanding that if I order it will take longer to receive since they have to make it.

Sydney 4 years ago

Unfortunately, we do not carry this model in a left-handed version. 

Asked by Mike 6 years ago

Will this reel fit well on a Mojo Salt 7 ft heavy action rod? Looking for an all around heavy outfit, already have the rod. Thank you.

Ricky 6 years ago

Yes this reel will fit this rod.

Asked by Tom 7 years ago

Do you have the HXW Raptor in any other colors? Thank you, Tom

Donald 7 years ago

We only have the Avet HXW 5/2 RAPTOR Two-Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel in Silver.